Expected results

Mould box photo: Annika Lydänge

Expected results

A favourable conservation status of targeted habitats and species targeted will not be achieved until after the end of project. Thus, some of the indicators to be monitored are focused on verification that the recovery process is moving in the right direction:

1) Clearing of overgrowth has resulted in reduced canopy cover benefiting the habitats targeted by the project.

2) Clearing of overgrowth and monitoring of ancient trees indicate an increased number of hollow trees that are sun exposed and thus indicate improved living conditions and potential for colonisation of tree-living insects, including the species targeted by the project.

3) The planting of trees and bushes has been successful, so far as >80% survival of planted small trees and >90% survival of large oak trees has been verified indicating that a process to bridge spatial and temporal gaps has been initiated.

4) The number of trees inhabited by Osmoderma eremita and Anthrenocernes stellae has increased, as indicated with monitoring using mould boxes.

5) Verified colonisation of log piles by wood-living beetles indicate that a potential for colonisation by Lucanus cervus has been created, although likely to occur only after end of project.

6) Veteranisation of trees has resulted in colonisation by Osmoderma eremita and Anthrenocernes stellae, or associated species, as indicated with monitoring, using eclector traps.

7) Reestablishment of Cerambyx cerdo at 2 project sites has been verified by monitoring exit holes of the species.